Friday, May 4, 2012

There is Hope...share it fearlessly....

Hope and I were invited to speak at a local high school for Disability Awareness this past Tuesday. We entered our last class of the day after lunch. It was a small class made up mostly of boys who looked as if they were sleeping before we walked in. I shared Hope's testimony and then Hope took over and played a couple games with them.

~First Hope started with a race between her and the football athlete. Hope and her wheelchair won.

~Second game Hope played her own version of "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" The class became the live audience as Hope instructed them~ by cheering on their classmates as they answered Hope's questions.

~Then Hope had them participate in a dance off and every student participated. The students danced as Hope sang and they all laughed watching their teacher dance too.

This class was different than any of the other classes. Hope's whole presentation was different.

Hope was now in full swing teacher mode and she gave them an assignment to draw a teddy bear using only their mouth. They were very diligent in their efforts and the challenge gave them the "feel" of how difficult a simple task is when you have a disability.

After Hope built a relationship with them she asked the students to come forward because she wanted to talk to them. They immediately came to the front of the room and circled around her wheelchair. I had no idea what she was planning to say, I have learned to allow Hope to be herself and let God lead her just as He leads me.

Hope began by telling the students she had a very special friend in Jesus and He wanted to be their friend too. She said, "Jesus wants to be your Lord and Savior. He will never leave you. He loves you and has a plan for your life. I want to pray with you right now. Will you pray with me?" They all suprisingly said yes and bowed their heads.

Hope prayed the most heartfelt beautiful prayer over the students and teachers. "Jesus we ask you to come into our hearts and give us a new heart. Take the evil from us and the bad thoughts and give us a clean heart. Forgive us of our sins. Don't let satan get in our way to do what is right. Come in our heart and be our Lord and Savior right now. Amen."

Following the prayer was a huge group hug per Hope's request. I was so proud of my girl for her fearless sharing of what Jesus has done in her own heart. To listen to God's voice and obey is what this life is about. I know there must have been a reason this small class at the end of the day needed prayer. Someone in there needed to know there is hope.