Monday, September 30, 2013

God's love ~ extremely personal!

We are not invisible to God and our comings and goings are not in secret. He is the lover of our soul and He pursues us with that love.

Following our church service yesterday a woman stopped My husband and I. She had been seated directly behind us during the service and we were wearing our Sons of God MC colors. It was her first Sunday to church in many years due to circumstances and personal struggles. She said, "When the usher seated me directly behind you I knew I was in the right place." She told us about her son having a brain tumor many years ago when he was very young. They had lived in NJ at the time and there was a benefit for him. She remembered the Sons of God motorcycle club showed up and ministered to her in a very special way. Her son did not survive and through the years she has struggled to know God's love for her. As she shared her story tears filled her eyes and ours too. She came to church this morning by herself, seeking after God. It was no coincidence ~ God had ordered our seats!

Every moment of our life is an opportunity ~ To be honest as the usher seated us up front I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to pick my own seat more toward the middle where I am comfortable. As I submitted to the usher and sat where he directed I had not given it a thought that something so simple was exactly where God wanted me.

I am in awe of our Father in heaven who is not too busy ~ He sees us and He knows us. Psalm 139 He says He knows the number of hairs on our head. (Matt 10:30) As much as I love my daughter I do not know how many hairs are on her head. This woman was seeking after God and just as He has promised in Jeremiah 29:13 ~you will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. God kept His promise and whispered in her ear, "See how I love you, my child."