Friday, April 5, 2013

Walking, living image of God~

We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus. As a believer and follower of Jesus I want to be conformed to His image more everyday. I believed on Jesus in 5th grade after attending a camp. A missionary spoke about hell and I knew I did not want to go there for sure. I loved Jesus and knew He was the truth. Since that day I have never turned back. What started out as a simple step of faith set my life on a path toward my heavenly home. Not that I have lived a perfect life, but I have desired after His way for my life. It is amazing to me how much growing I still have to do. There will never be an end until I see the Gates of Heaven til then I am still in the race.

After watching Schindler's List again the other night as it was on TV, I cried and cried at the end:When Oskar Schindler broke down realizing how many more Jews he could have saved from death if he had denied himself simple pleasures of life. Read Below:

Oskar Schindler:I could have got more out. I could have got more. I don't know. If I'd just... I could have got more.
Itzhak Stern:Oskar, there are eleven hundred people who are alive because of you. Look at them.
Oskar Schindler:If I'd made more money... I threw away so much money. You have no idea. If I'd just...
Itzhak Stern:There will be generations because of what you did.
Oskar Schindler:I didn't do enough!
Itzhak Stern:You did so much.
[Schindler looks at his car]
Oskar Schindler:This car. Goeth would have bought this car. Why did I keep the car? Ten people right there. Ten people. Ten more people.
[removing Nazi pin from lapel]
Oskar Schindler:This pin. Two people. This is gold. Two more people. He would have given me two for it, at least one. One more person. A person, Stern. For this.
Oskar Schindler:I could have gotten one more person... and I didn't! And I... I didn't!

What is really important in life? It is a good reminder. . . Life is what is important. Life everlasting ~ this life is but a vapor.
James 4:14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.
Let us run this race with the end in mind~ sharing the hope that lives within us with the lost along the way.