Friday, September 17, 2010

The Kissing Spot

For over 13 years I have been writing a book about my daughter . . .And God Named her Hope. This summer with Hope's help I finally completed it. We sent it to an editor who suggested the title The Kissing Spot after she read through the manuscript. I let Hope make the final choice in the title and "The Kissing Spot" it is!

Yesterday, I received a letter of Congratulations that my manuscript proposal has been reviewed and chosen to be sent out to 85 Christian Royalty Publishers. Earlier this week as I waited to hear Hope said, "Mom you just need to be confident." Reminding me, "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" (Philippians 1:6). So now I wait to hear from a publisher! I will take Hope's advice she has no doubts. Faith of a child.

A short synapse of the book for the back cover may be something like this:

Does God really turn around for good what Satan means for harm? Absolutely. And He is always with us, even in the womb. During one attempted abortion God intervened to protect the life of a very special little girl and is using her today to share the incredible love of Jesus with anyone who will listen. The Kissing Spot, the story of Hope Hoffman's amazing survival, is an unforgettable one that will touch your heart-proving once again the power of God who can take a tragic and heartbreaking situation and redeem it for His glory. If you need proof that miracles still happen, this is it!
(composed by my editor)

I hope you will walk along side me as I continue to wait on the Lord.

My first blog ever!! Thanks for taking the time to read it.



  1. Sounds wonderful! Hope is right (and God too, BE CONFIDENT!

  2. Way to go! Great to see your presence on a new platform for your message. I look forward to many more posts!

  3. Everything in His perfect timing :) Waiting on the Lord is just awesome!!!

  4. You go girl I love you soo much I am so proud of you and Blair. Hope is our little prayer warrior. Trust God he has great plans for our precioud Hope. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of that book.

  5. Terri, as I sit here reading your first blog about your book, with the biggest smile, the happiest tears and not being able to imagine the joy you are feeling. Remember the other day I told you that I knew you would atleast hear from one publisher and probably more than one. I had NO doubt, none, that this would be a special book. You are an amazing friend/mother/wife. Thank you for sharing part of this journey with me. It has humbled me in ways you will never know. God Bless You
    Love, Mary

  6. Sweet Terri, I have no doubt that God will use you and your precious family in amazing ways to reach others for His kingdom through the words He has given you for this book! I love you and am so very proud of you!
    Much love always, Barbara

  7. I can't wait till your book is published. I haven't even read the book yet but I feel a lot of love... God's love for Hope, you and Blair's love for God and Hope. I have no doubt this will be a great love story book.

    Hope, Terri and Blair, you guys have inspired me since we met on a cruise about twenty years ago. God must love you so much as we all do.

    Eric from NY

  8. I was told about your book/blog by Rebecca Provinse. (I work for them, providing respite care for their son a couple times a week.) Your story sounds amazing. Congrats on your book!