Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Daddy's Love

     I called my dad yesterday for Christmas. Well, actually my husband picked up the phone and asked, "What is Dad's number?" and he called. It is always so good to hear my Dad's voice, because I can feel his love for me across the miles. He lives in Kentucky, where I grew up. My parents divorced when I was in 5th grade and my Dad remained close to my sister and I. Was he perfect? Did we sometimes wait for him to show up to take us for the weekends? I really have never focused on the imperfections from my childhood. What I do know is my Dad was always there~ a phone call away. As I spoke to my Dad last night I honestly can say it was like a warm blanket over me. He sees me and knows my heart. He knows I love God and have followed Him all my life. He is proud of me and choices I have made. He is so happy for the love I have been blessed with in my marriage. My Dad loves me. He wants the best for me. Without hesitation he accepted my husband with arms wide open~ into the family, because he had a Father's eyes for me.

     My dad has lived a quiet faith in God. He is a man faithful and honest. I am proud to be his daughter. Because of his love for me I can see that this has had a tremendous effect on my relationship with God. "They" say if you received love from your earthly father~ then it is easier to receive the love of your Father in heaven. I am constantly growing in this area. Realizing it is not based on my performance or lack of, but because I am His child. Thank you Daddy for loving me unconditionally. You have been a beautiful example of my heavenly Father's love for me too.

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